0xChat v1.2.6: Integrated Cashu Wallet

0xchat is a secure chat app built on the Nostr protocol. It prioritizes privacy with features like private key login, encrypted private chats and contacts, coupled with an open communication platform through public channels. Available on Android and iOS.

0xChat v1.2.6: Integrated Cashu Wallet
  • "Excited to announce the release of 0xchat v1.2.6!"
  • "Additionally, we've made the cashu-dart repository open source: https://github.com/0xchat-app/cashu-dart. This could be helpful for Dart devs who wish to integrate the Cashu wallet into their apps."

What's new

  • Introduction of the Cashu wallet feature.
  • Added the ability to send random Ecash in group/channel chats.
  • Fix the issues mentioned by users, including the issues using Amber login, startup performance, synchronization problems with private messages, etc.

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