Bitcoin Whitepaper Removed In The Upcoming MacOS Update

The file was located in a folder within the Image Capture app along with other random assets, such as other PDF files and images.

Bitcoin Whitepaper Removed In The Upcoming MacOS Update
  • "Following the release of macOS Ventura 13.4 beta 3 to developers on Tuesday, 9to5Mac has found that Apple has removed the Bitcoin whitepaper that was hidden in the system files."
  • "These assets were part of an internal tool called “” that let Apple engineers simulate the process of scanning and exporting documents and images with the Image Capture app without actually needing a scanner. In fact, the entire internal tool has been removed from the beta."
  • "This pretty much confirms our original theory that both the Bitcoin whitepaper and the internal tool were never meant to be found by regular users."
  • "Given the repercussions that the original news story had, it’s no surprise that Apple ended up removing the file from the system."
  • The story gained viral attention earlier this month after a hidden copy of the Bitcoin whitepaper was discovered in every modern macOS.

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