Amethyst v0.36.0: Private Relays

Amethyst is a free and open-source Nostr client for Android.

Amethyst v0.36.0: Private Relays

Amethyst project had 2 updated client releases since our yesterday's v0.35.0 update.

Release v0.36.0: Support for private relays (NIP-42)

  • Adds automatic authentication for private relays implementing NIP-42 by @vitorpamplona.

Release v0.35.1: Private Zaps on Polls

  • Adds support for poll votes with Private Zaps by @vitorpamplona.
  • Marks all Zaps to be private by default by @vitorpamplona.
  • Activates gif preview and translations in Zap Messages by @vitorpamplona.
  • Improves the performance and UI of Private Zap notifications by @vitorpamplona.
  • Improves the performance of FileHeader loading by @vitorpamplona.
  • Opens image dialog in the page of the current selection by @vitorpamplona.
  • Improves configuration screen for Zap types (double click and click and hold) by @vitorpamplona.
  • Adds Preview for quote noting by @vitorpamplona.
  • Adds New Hungarian translations by @ZsZolee.
  • BugFix for NIP-47 scheme check by @kiwiidb.

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