Amethyst v0.85.1: Post Edits, Forks, Git Repositories & More

Amethyst is a free and open source Nostr client for Android devices.

Amethyst v0.85.1: Post Edits, Forks, Git Repositories & More
  • This release adds support for post edits, post forks, pull requests, open timestamps, git repositories, issues, patches and replies, wiki pages and some medical data, said developer Vitor Pamplona on Nostr.
  • "We are trying to move out of GitHub and use a Nostr-native GitHub alternative. Please send any issues you find on Amethyst to:," he added.

What's new

New Additions

  • Adds support for editing of notes (NIP-37 / kind: 1010)
  • Adds support for sending edit proposals.
  • Adds embeded events in NIP-19 uris
  • Adds support for NIP-03: OpenTime Stamp attestations (kind: 1040)
  • Adds support for Decentralized Wikis (event kind 30818)
  • Adds basic support for NIP-34: Git repositories (kind 30617), patches (kind 1617), issues (kind 1621) and replies (kind 1622).
  • Adds rendering support for FHIR payloads (kind 82).
  • Adds support for the q tag
  • Adds early support for Kind1 forks.
  • Sets zap splits automatically for quotes and forks
  • V4V: Ask for donations in the Notification page
  • Adds relay icon rendering from the NIP11 document

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes the text's vertical alignment when emoji's are present
  • Fixes DM Chatroom edit button
  • Fixes the crash when images are not being present in the image dialog.
  • Inserts uploaded URLs where the cursor is and not at the end of the new post.
  • Fixes the rendering of Japanese characters, hashtags and custom emojis in the same line.
  • Fixes the dissapearance of some Quartz classes when exporting to maven
  • Fixing stack overflow with more than 200 zaps in a single note.
  • Fixes image preview visualization on a new post
  • Adds support for a new report option as Other
  • Fixes missing nsec processing when parsing NIP-29 uris
  • Fixes caching issue when creating a Bitcoin invoice for the first time
  • Fixes UI issues due to the caching of Polls
  • Better aligns post header elements
  • Fixes bug with NIP-11s with null kind arrays
  • Fixes quote and repost notes partially disappearing when they contain hidden users or words.
  • Fixes content title for the video playback notification

Updated translations

  • Hungarian by @npub1ww8kjxz2akn82qptdpl7glywnchhkx3x04hez3d3rye397turrhssenvtp
  • Spanish, Spanish, Mexico and Spanish, United States by @npub1luhyzgce7qtcs6r6v00ryjxza8av8u4dzh3avg0zks38tjktnmxspxq903
  • French by @npub106efcyntxc5qwl3w8krrhyt626m59ya2nk9f40px5s968u5xdwhsjsr8fz
  • Swahili by @npub1q6ps7m94jfdastx2tx76sj8sq4nxdhlsgmzns2tr4xt6ydx6grzspm0kxr
  • Czech, German, Swedish and Portuguese by @npub1e2yuky03caw4ke3zy68lg0fz3r4gkt94hx4fjmlelacyljgyk79svn3eef
  • Arabic by @npub13qtw3yu0uc9r4yj5x0rhgy8nj5q0uyeq0pavkgt9ly69uuzxgkfqwvx23t
  • Dutch by @npub1w4la29u3zv09r6crx5u8yxax0ffxgekzdm2egzjkjckef7xc83fs0ftxcd

Performance Improvements

  • Improves the speed of the text parser
  • Reduced memory footprint of navigation buttons
  • Faster hex validation
  • Increases the speed of the Robohash SVG to byte buffer function
  • Adds Benchmark tests for the content parser
  • Adds Benchmark tests for the url detector
  • Speeds up image compositions
  • Improves relay list NIP-11 caching
  • Faster Longform tag filters
  • Speeds up the loop through local cache
  • Improves the speed of Location services
  • Improves the cache of LnInvoices
  • Improves cache of cashu tokens
  • Reduces memory footprint for parsed posts.

Code Quality Improvements

  • Moves content parsers and media classes to commons.
  • Moves emoji parsers to commons
  • Moves Wallet Connect code to Quartz
  • Moves Relay information code to Quartz
  • Removes dependency on Kotlin serialization
  • Adds a release draft generator to CI
  • Updates Vico, Compose UI Version, Coil and Google Service dependencies
  • Refactors the code to manage extra characters after Bech32 Links
  • Moves to Android Studio Iguana | 2023.2.1
  • Moves gradle to 8.4
  • Moves project to version catalogs

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