Zaprite Introduces Teams and Organizations

Zaprite allows anyone to seamlessly accept payments in bitcoin and fiat with 0% transaction fees in one integrated platform. Zaprite is not a financial institution or a payment processor, so only a valid email is required for signing up.

Zaprite Introduces Teams and Organizations
  • "We’re excited to announce Teams for Zaprite allowing you to collaborate with your colleagues to manage bitcoin (and fiat) payments as well as all necessary reporting," was announced in a blog post.
  • "While adding team members is currently free, we will begin charging for Teams in May 2024, at a cost of $5/month for each incremental user (20% discount on an annual plan). This grace period allows us time to gather feedback and improve the Teams feature before any additional charges apply."

What's new

  • Invite a New Team Member. "On the Teams page, click the [ + Invite User ] button to send an invitation by email. At this time, we only support roles for Owners and Admins."
    • "In the future, we will support more roles with narrower permissions."
  • Organizations. "With the addition of Teams, we realize a single user or account may be associated with more than one Organization, which means you can also have multiple accounts with one email login."

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