LiquidOps by Automated Node Management focuses on monitoring and management solutions for Lightning nodes.

LiquidOps by Automated Node Management
  • "LiquidOps workflows are available to everyone while in open beta - all you need to do is sign up on"
  • "We're excited to announce the launch of our cutting-edge workflow-based lightning node automation software, designed to revolutionize the way you manage your node operations."
  • "By harnessing the power of conditional logic and custom triggers, you can create tailored workflows that cater specifically to your needs, optimizing the way you manage your lightning node."
  • "In conjunction with the new workflows, our agent has also received significant upgrades, including the introduction of its own plugin system and the debut of its first plugin."
  • On automated liquidity management (in collaboration with "the concept is straightforward: configure automated rules to manage your liquidity, and then redirect your attention to developing your own projects."
  • "What makes our Auto Swaps particularly special is the ability to split swaps into multiple jobs, either in case where your swap size is too big for limits of (0.1BTC at the time of writing) or liquidity to your node too small to send the full amount. With Auto Swaps you can rest assured that LiquidOps will do everything possible to execute the swaps for you."
  • "In the near future, we'll be expanding our support to include additional swapping providers, such as Loop, Deezy, and more. Moreover, we'll be introducing features like automated channel opening and closing, as well as fee management."

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