Block 774736: Important News of the Week

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Block 774736: Important News of the Week

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  • Prime Trust Texas License Issue May Result in Swan, Fold, and Others Cutting Off Access to Texan Users in Five Days
  • Strike Announces Clover Point of Sale Beta Program: First Merchant Onboarded
  • Joinmarket v0.9.9: Tor Onion Messaging Changes and Several Bugfixes
  • BTCPay Server CVE-2022-32984 Vulnerability Disclosure: BTCPay Server v1.3.0 Through v1.5.3
  • EU Chat Control Law Will Ban Open Source Operating Systems Including All Linux Distros
  • Strike Expands Remittance Feature to Philippines: Americans Send Over a Billion Dollars to the Country Every Month
  • Bitcoin Optech #236

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