Joinmarket v0.9.9: Tor Onion Messaging Changes and Several Bugfixes

JoinMarket is software to create a special kind of bitcoin transaction called a CoinJoin transaction. Its aim is to improve the confidentiality and privacy of bitcoin transactions.

Joinmarket v0.9.9: Tor Onion Messaging Changes and Several Bugfixes

Changes to directory node defaults

We have removed one of the directory nodes that was proving unresponsive, and added a new one. These of course are only defaults; this list may change quite often (more often than the IRC list used to, probably!). We will investigate ways to let users find other directory nodes than just this list, in future.

We also increase the timeout for making the initial connection, as onion service connections can sometimes be very slow.

Note that this is also related to the following topic (slowing down connection reattempts).

  • 8ab2d50 Increase directory node connection timeout to 60s
  • ebdbac7 Update
  • 7aebed7 Remove jmdirjmioywe2s5jad7ts6kgcqg66rj6wujj6q77n6wbdrgocqwexzid.onion directory node from default config

Slow down connection reattempts to directory nodes

Several users reported not only a failure to connect to directory nodes, but also a very rapid cycling, attempting to reconnect every couple of seconds. Here we fix that bug, and ensure that connection attempts back off exponentially, eventually slowing down to once per ~ 3 hours. This will clear up spam from the log, but also may help, if the problem is related to DOS limits in Tor (further investigation is required), once all users update to 0.9.9. This is one of the main reason users are encouraged to update immediately.

  • 9a412d8 Connections to dnodes slow down

New public orderbook


Provided by @kristapsk, added into README. As usual, users are advised that they can easily run their own orderbookwatcher on localhost, and this will be better in most situations.

  • 34fa1b6 Add link to my public orderbook mirror

Correct errors in transaction size estimation

This set of commits corrects pre-existing errors in estimation of transaction size, for nonstandard outputs. These errors were usually tiny and didn't matter, but caused problems for cases where a very low sats/vbyte was set by the user. In particular, the cases of spending to or from fidelity bond addresses (which are of type p2wsh), or spending to taproot addresses (p2tr), were not being calculated correctly.

We also added tests of our transaction size and weight estimation.

There can still be edge cases if the input or output type is unrecognized (most plausible case would be a customized script being spent, in a PSBT; it's not really possible for this to happen with Joinmarket's own coins), but the error in size (and therefore fee) estimation will still be small, even in these very exceptional cases.

  • bffad33 Tx size estimation allows varied in, out types 357b611 c1d7f02 e281c14 7bf6696 4921d01 6250d24 db71d30

Fixes to sendpayment

Two bugs in sendpayment were fixed:

Allowing sub-27K sats for non-coinjoin payments (our DUST_THRESHOLD is not "the" Bitcoin dust threshold, it was deliberately set higher to account for certain estimation uncertainties related to coinjoin; but they are irrelevant for non-coinjoins):

  • d6d40df Allow amounts below DUST_THRESHOLD (0.00027300 BTC) for non-cj direct sends

Fixes a bug where sending to a BIP21 URI fails (bug as described here).

  • 9d9035b Fix sendpayment without amount argument, BIP21 only

Switch to venv from virtualenv

venv is provided as standard in all versions of Python that we support, so we don't actually need the dependency virtualenv. This removes it; there is no impact at the user level.

  • 11ddec7 docs: Remove now-confusing mentions of virtualenv
  • 6e3b6ec Dockerfiles: Use Python venv instead of virtualenv
  • 8bbca60 install: Use python3's venv module when available

Bugfixes and minor changes

This fix prevents directory nodes crashing in certain edge cases:

  • bfb0e25 Account for missing nick fields in OnionPeer

This fix ensures fee randomness works even when a fee estimate can't be sourced from Core:

3d0f2d6 fix: randomize fallback transaction fee

2e44f00 Log IRC connection attempts when using SOCKS5 proxy or TLS too

2749da1 change payjoin default binding port

This was a rare to trigger, but pernicious bug: a user's wallet could show incorrect balances, if the RPC calls to the blockchain failed (the code in sync_unspent was incorrectly ignoring this failure), this is no longer allowed:

  • 0b34e0b Abort sync_unspent if blockheight RPC call fails


  • 50e3196 Update
  • 44aea32 Fix typo in gettimelockaddress
  • b34b932 Correction to docs: no coinjoin spends of FBs
  • 4c53bb5 Update link to RaspiBolt installation guide

Installation and dependencies

  • 63d74bc Call num_cores() only after deps_install()
  • 7d0ca22 Update local Tor to
  • 01dc08a Update local Tor to
  • e47f082 Allow to run from any current working directory
  • 46013d2 chmod +x scripts/
  • 8a25e3a Pin remaining deps to specific versions, except for Qt and tests
  • 22c13b0 Remove unused code instead of commenting out

Mostly applies to the shell scripts used for installation, hence included here:

b928713 Add ShellCheck linter script

4f0eebc Apply all current shellcheck suggestions to rest of the scripts

f0b9872 Apply all current shellcheck suggestions to

bd5508c Minor improvements for question prompts and feedback

5b8ef40 jmbitcoin: eliminate dependency on urldecode

1e159df Update bencoder.pyx to 3.0.1


  • 61b6400 Tests: bind to any first free TCP ports instead of hardcoded ones
  • 1370c12 Use different jm_test_datadir for each local user
  • 06c29c2 Keep trying to receive websocket notification in test
  • 3c8f247 CI: Run tests on both Linux and macOS
  • c4d9b92 tests: make setup fixtures optional.
  • a9deacc Refactor
  • 980edd6 CI: Add Python 3.11
  • 7b4c42a Remove dead code
  • 8d2a664 Fix for recent Bitcoin Core versions and add type hints
  • b59fdcd Remove Python 3.6 (EOL), add 3.10
  • 890dd50 Bump pytest version to 6.2.5

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