2023 Bitcoin Node Performance Tests

"Five years ago I started running an annual comprehensive comparison of various implementations to see how well they performed full blockchain validation. Now it's time to see what has changed over the past year!"

2023 Bitcoin Node Performance Tests
  • "Given that the strongest security model a user can obtain in a public permissionless crypto asset network is to fully validate the entire history themselves, I think it’s important that we keep track of the resources required to do so," wrote Jameson Lopp in a blog post."
  • "While I ran each implementation on the same hardware and synced against a local network peer to keep those variables as consistent as possible, there are other factors that come into play."
  1. Not all implementations have caching; even when configurable cache options are available it’s not always the same type of caching.
  2. Not all nodes perform the same indexing functions. For example, Libbitcoin Server always indexes all transactions by hash — it’s inherent to the database structure. Thus this full node sync is more properly comparable to Bitcoin Core with the transaction indexing option enabled.
  3. Your mileage may vary due to any number of other variables such as operating system and file system performance.

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