Zeus v0.7.7: Fixes and Improvements

"v0.7.7 features some niceties and bug fixes we wanted to get out the door before we start pushing out our next major release in v0.8.0."

Zeus v0.7.7: Fixes and Improvements
  • "Zeus v0.7.7 went through app store review with no problems this time around," announced the app developers.
  • "Next up: v0.8, featuring an in-app, embedded lightning node and wallet, with support for 0-conf channels from our LSP, Olympus," Evan Kaloudis said in Zeus Telegram group.
  • "Zeus v0.8.0 alpha preview on TESTNET is rolling out for Zeus community supporters and Bitcoin Park Lightning Summit attendees. Reach out if you didn't get your invite or need testnet coins," was announced last week.

What's new

  • Added confirmation process to delete a node connection
  • lnurlpay metadata display enhancements
  • Notes display enhancements
  • Bug fix: Camera: prevent scanning in background
  • Sparko interface now marked as deprecated

What's Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v0.7.6...v0.7.7

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