Zeus v0.7.6 Update Rejection By Apple Highlights A Need For Open Alternatives

Zeus v0.7.6 update has been rejected from Apple's App Store, once again highlighting the issue of Apple's walled garden policies.

Zeus v0.7.6 Update Rejection By Apple Highlights A Need For Open Alternatives
  • Zeus v0.7.6 release might be delayed for iOS users, as it was rejected by the Apple's App Store.
  • This time, Apple cited Guideline 3.1.5 as a reason for rejection. It requires the developer to submit applicable licenses and permissions required to distribute an app with "cryptocurrency exchange features."
"Your app facilitates the transmission of a virtual currency but was not submitted by a corresponding exchange or recognized financial institution."
  • "To resolve this issue, please provide documentary evidence demonstrating you have the necessary licenses and permissions to distribute an app with cryptocurrency exchange features in all the locations where your app is currently available," stated the rejection message shared by the app's developer Evan Kaloudis.
  • As noted by Breez, non-custodial wallets such as Zeus should be approved as there's a specific exception in the same guideline section.  
  • "These things happen during an app review," the company added.
  • As such, the update is still expected to come through sometime soon, unless something else pops up.
  • Even so, the events from recent days highlight the issue of depending on Apple's permissioned app store and a need for more open alternatives.
  • Apple's iOS 17 is set to launch in September this year, and it might open up iPhones to sideloading, as required by The European Union's Digital Markets Act (DMA).
  • Zeus v0.7.6 includes bug fixes as well as new features such as the ability to leave notes on transactions, point of sale improvements, and ability to switch between different sources for fiat exchange rates.

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