ZapThreads: Threaded Comments Component Built on Nostr

ZapThreads is a threaded web commenting system built on Nostr.

ZapThreads: Threaded Comments Component Built on Nostr
  • "Announcing ZapThreads, a threaded comments component built on nostr."
  • "It's the comments component in @Habla so you probably already used it!"
"ZapThreads is available as a web component and can be embedded pretty much anywhere. It works on any client-side framework (via NPM) or website (via a script tag)."


  • Works on a variety of root events: note, nevent, naddr, URLs;
  • Markdown support and nostr reference handling;
  • Lightweight on clients and relays (~40kb minified/gzipped);
  • Extremely versatile and customizable;
  • Available via NPM or script tag.


  • Likes and zaps
    - Ability to like and zap comments
    - Prisms, zap splits with host
  • Signers
    - Proper relay selection (NIP-05, nprofile, NIP-65)
    - Ability to remote sign
    - World class onboarding for new users
  • Migration tools
    - Easily migrate from Disqus, Facebook comments, Wordpress, etc
  • Much more

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