Yana v0.10.10: NWC Integration

Yana (Yet Another Nostr Application) is a multiplatform nostr client.

Yana v0.10.10: NWC Integration
  • "Do you want to try... yet another nostr app? Yana 0.10 is out!"
  • "Full wallet experience is on our roadmap! Next coming: @Mutiny and Lndhub integrations."

What's new

  • New Wallet feature with balance, NWC integration with Alby for now, Mutiny and Lndhub soon.
  • One-tap zaps using connected wallet.
  • Remodeled @ mention linking in editor inline.
  • Make reactions faster update.
  • Fix mention linking editor positioning.
  • Add missing backgroundService toJson in settings (fixes #40).

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