ZappedIt: Reddit-Style Client For Nostr

ZappedIt is a free and open-source Reddit-style Nostr web client.

ZappedIt: Reddit-Style Client For Nostr
  • "Follow hashtags and see all posts for those hashtags in a single page (similar to reddit's home page)."
  • "Upzap (upvote by sending sats to the note's author, instead of just clicking a button)."
  • "Downzap (downvote by sending sats to any person of your choice, a non-profit perhaps, instead of just clicking a button)."
Users search for sub-reddits like r/nostr, r/tifu, etc. and follow them.Users search for hashtags like #coffeechain, #foodstr, etc. and follow them.
Home feed is filled with posts from their subscribed sub-reddits.User's feed is filled with recent notes mentioning the followed hashtags, in the reverse-chronological order.
Users express appreciation through upvotes.Users express appreciation through Upzaps. Sats in the Upzaps are sent to the author of the upzapped note.
Users express disagreement through downvotesUsers express disagreement through Downzaps. Sats in the Downzaps are sent to the Downzap recipient, who is a nostr user chosen by the down-zapper
Users see a tally of upvotes vs downvotes for each postUsers see a tally of upzap sats and downzap sats for each note
  • "When someone downzaps a post, zappedit adds a '-' to the zap description.  In fact, any zap with a description containing a '-' is counted as a downzap.  This could improve or change over time."
  • "nostr has a provision for application specific data being saved on relays by sending an event of kind 30078.  All the zappedit metadata (followed topics list, downzap reciepient npub) is saved this way."


  • NIP-07 login
  • Search hashtag
  • Follow, Unfollow hashtag
  • Feed with notes
  • Hashtags linking
  • Image display in note
  • Set a downzap recipient
  • Upzaps and Downzaps using QR Code
  • Open user profile/post in snort

Upcoming features

  • Show user mentions in notes
  • Configure multiple downzap recipients - Exact recipient randomly chosen during the downzap
  • Load images only for notes by 'followed' users
  • Relay list
  • Switch light mode/dark mode
  • Anything else? Drop suggestions in comments
  • You can report issues in the Github repository.

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