Wavlake: Value for Value Music with Lightning

"Value for Value music streaming on Wavlake allows fans to ditch the subscription and directly support artists by sending micro-payments as music is consumed."

Wavlake: Value for Value Music with Lightning
  • "As a listener, instead of paying a subscription to a streaming platform, you send bitcoin micro-payments (Boosts) directly to artists as you listen to their music."
  • "These optional payments can be small amounts, even fractions of a cent, which add up over time and as more fans listen."
  • "The transactions are facilitated by the Lightning Network, which makes them quick and low-cost."
  • "This way, artists can get paid directly and instantly every time a listener sends a payment, and the amount they receive is directly proportional to how much their music is boosted."
  • "Users, including both artists and listeners, can easily create an account on Wavlake.com."
  • "Artists can upload their music tracks via Studio, which has a built-in Lightning wallet."
  • "Listeners can set up a payment method using a Lightning Network compatible wallet, such as Cash App, or Strike, to fund their account with Bitcoin."
  • "Spread the word to your friends and fans, and join us now in this exciting new movement for artists."

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