Walletano: Easy To Use Lightning Web Wallet

Walletano is a web-based app (PWA) that provides an easy way to manage your Bitcoin/Lightning wallets for custodial users, LND node runners seeking self-custodial options, and companies looking to transform corporate email addresses into Lightning addresses.

Walletano: Easy To Use Lightning Web Wallet
  • "Setting up your Lightning Network wallet on Walletano.com is a breeze. With just a few simple steps, you can create and secure your Lightning wallet, enabling you to send and receive Lightning payments in a matter of minutes."

Key features:

  • "Web-Based Wallet: Access your wallets anytime, anywhere through our user-friendly web app."
  • "Lightning-Fast Transactions: Enjoy instant, low-cost transactions using the Lightning Network."
  • "Custodial and Self-Custodial Options: Choose the level of control that suits you best."
  • "PWA: Our progressive web app ensures a seamless experience across devices."
  • "Multi-Wallet Management: Effortlessly manage multiple wallets with a unified and intuitive design."
  • "Privacy-Oriented: No usernames or email addresses required, ensuring your personal information remains confidential."
  • "Transform Corporate Email Addresses: Convert your corporate email addresses into Lightning addresses effortlessly."
  • "Lightning Address Support: Create personalized Lightning addresses (e.g., you@walletano.com) or integrate your own corporate Lightning addresses (e.g., you@yourdomain.com)."
  • "LNURL Support: Seamlessly interact with LNURL-enabled services for enhanced functionality and versatility."

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