Mutiny Node v0.3.6: NWC, Performance Fixes

Mutiny is a self-custodial lightning wallet that is targeting the web browser first. Mutiny node powers the mutiny web frontend.

Mutiny Node v0.3.6: NWC, Performance Fixes

The latest updates to Mutiny Node include:

v0.3.4: Nostr Wallet Connect & Storage Refactoring

  • "Nostr Wallet Connect support has been added. A NWC connection string is made so that it may be imported into Nostr clients like Damus or Amethyst so that one-tap zaps can happen non-custodially. This requires eventually opening the wallet if it is not running in the background (ie, iOS)."
  • "The storage components have been refactored and all the web assembly related storage code has been moved out of mutiny-core and live solely in mutiny-wasm. This is for our continued effort to move to multi platform support besides just web browsers."
  • "Some general improvements to network graph data and rapid gossip sync."
  • "Allows opening channels directly with the LSP more seemlessly by default (minor API change to allow not passing in a pubkey manually when opening channel so it defaults to the connected LSP)."

Full Changelog: v0.3.3...v0.3.4

v0.3.5: Minor bug fixes

  • "Reserve balance now shows as part of the lightning balance. Errors will now be returned upon payment initiation if there's not enough balance to pay, or the payment eats into the 1% reserve requirement on lightning."
  • "Some Nostr Wallet Connect improvements and now uses the Mutiny Blastr relay as the recommended relay for NWC events. We now persist these events until read from a client, making these ephemeral events more reliable for non-custodial zapping."

Full Changelog: v0.3.4...v0.3.5

v0.3.6: Performance and bug fixes

  • "NWC fixes."
  • "Channel data is now saved to to localstorage in addition to indexeddb in order to ensure state saves successfully. Should fix all force closure issues we have seen."
  • "Can open channel with max amount."
  • "Syncing happens automatically."
  • "New ActivityItem feed that shows condensed information about all bitcoin / lightning transactions in a list."

Full Changelog: v0.3.5...v0.3.6

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