Wallby Wallet Launched For Beta Testing

Wallby app aims to be the place where you can access Bitcoin and all its layer2 networks as well as sidechain protocols, including Liquid, Rootstock, Lightning, and RGB.

Wallby Wallet Launched For Beta Testing
  • "After years of planning and months of work, we are all proud and excited to announce Wallby, an all-in-one wallet and superapp for Bitcoin and all its main sidechains and layer 2 technologies," wrote Alessandro Olivio, Head of Product for Wallby.
  • "At the moment Wallby is available for beta testing on Android, with iOS version ready and waiting for Apple's approval."
  • "Currently it supports Bitcoin, Liquid Network (including tokens and NFTs) and Rootstock (including its main tokens and decentralized exchange pairs thanks to Sovryn's infrastructure)."
  • "Next objective for the medium term is to integrate Lightning Network + RGB, and to release as much as possible of the code as open source (at the very least the wallet components)."
  • "Remember that the app is currently in beta stage and that it is NOT open source at this moment, so we recommend using it with small amounts for testing purposes."
  • "We are looking forward to your feedback and opinions, and we would like to thank the team at Blockstream for the support during launch."

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