Unleashed.Chat v0.1.10: Import Git Repositories

Unleashed.chat provides access to uncensored FOSS AI models for sats. It is designed with privacy in mind and supports live Nostr and Git repo data querying.

Unleashed.Chat v0.1.10: Import Git Repositories
  • "This is a huge update. You can automatically suck in code/docs Git repositories into the Ai for analysis. It is vectorized and given as context," announced @NVK.
NOTE: "Ingesting larger repos can be a lengthy process, so you probably want to test with smaller ones first. If the status is In Progress, check back after a few minutes."

What's new

  • You can now import Git repos in addition to normal file upload! We generate vector embeddings of all supported file types and store them for at least 24 hours (long-term storage option is coming soon).
  • We've improved the processing of PDF files.

Other recent unleashed.chat updates include:

  • Improved spam filtering on Nostr content, which should lead to better search results in Nostr mode;
  • Chat window now differentiates between AI and user messages more clearly;
  • Other UI and layout tweaks.
  • We fixed some UI and layout bugs.

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