BTCPay Server v1.12.4: Bug Fixes & Improvements

BTCPay Server is a free and open-source Bitcoin payment processor. It allows you to accept bitcoin without extra fees or intermediaries.

BTCPay Server v1.12.4: Bug Fixes & Improvements

What's new

Bug fixes


  • Checkout v2: Update checkout v2 translations from Transifex and ChatGPT (#5679@NicolasDorier
  • Checkout v2: Clicking the QR code now copies the full payment URI (#5625 #5627@dennisreimann
  • Improved checkout page load time by fetching the recommended fee in the background periodically (#5672@NicolasDorier
  • Clear any previous pending actions of a plugin when you click uninstall (#5577@Kukks
  • Display the plugin version that was disabled (#5577@Kukks
  • Show an update button on disabled plugins instead of an install button (#5577@Kukks
  • If a plugin is scheduled to be installed/updated, it will display which version was scheduled for the update. If a newer version is available than the scheduled one, an option to switch will be shown (#5577@Kukks
  • Improved fee rate approximation by linear interpolation between known block targets (#5643@Kukks
  • Prevented creation of payment requests when a wallet is not set up (#5620@TChukwuleta
  • Hide LN Balance when using an internal node and not a server admin (#5639@Kukks
  • Added a link to the Greenfield API Key management page from the store's settings Access token page (#5635@hiluan
  • Removed the 'What's New' button and information (#5608 #5618@hiluan

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