Trezor Introduced Safe 5 Signing Device

Signing device manufacturer Trezor introduced its new flagship Safe 5 signing device at BTC Prague 2024. The device is priced at $169 and comes with either Bitcoin-only firmware or multicoin support. The company also launched a new Trezor Expert onboarding service for new customers.

Trezor Introduced Safe 5 Signing Device
  • The Trezor Safe 5 is equipped with a 1.54" (240x240) Gorilla Glass 3 touchscreen display with the Trezor Touch Haptic Engine, a Certified Chip EAL6+ secure element, and a microSD card slot. The device is powered by a Cortex M33 160MHz embedded ARM processor.
  • It supports both regular 12 and 24-word BIP39 backups and the Shamir Secret Sharing-based multi-share recovery scheme. "The new backup process enables users to upgrade from a standard single-share backup to a more advanced multi-share backup," Trezor told The Block.
  • For easier user onboarding, Trezor also introduced new service called Trezor Expert Session, which is meant to help starting users with setting up their cold storage.
  • "Trezor Expert not only helps our customers to set up their hardware wallets correctly, it gives them the opportunity to explore the security considerations of self-custody in more detail as they cover topics such as private key management and safe online practices,


  • The device is currently available for pre-orders. Shipping is expected to take place in July and mid-August.

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