Bitcoin Core v27.1: Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements

Bitcoin Core is the original Bitcoin client that builds the backbone of the network. It downloads and, by default, stores the entire history of Bitcoin transactions.

Bitcoin Core v27.1: Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements
"This release includes various bug fixes and performance
improvements, as well as updated translations. Please report bugs using the issue tracker at GitHub."

What's new

  • #29853 sign: don't assume we are parsing a sane TapMiniscript
  • #29869 rpc, bugfix: Enforce maximum value for setmocktime
  • #29870 rpc: Reword SighashFromStr error message
  • #30094 rpc: move UniValue in blockToJSON
  • #29776 Fix #29767, set m_synced = true after Commit()
  • #gui812 Fix create unsigned transaction fee bump
  • #gui813 Don't permit port in proxy IP option
  • #29892 test: Fix failing univalue float test
  • #30085 p2p: detect addnode cjdns peers in GetAddedNodeInfo()
  • #29747 depends: fix mingw-w64 Qt DEBUG=1 build
  • #29859 build: Fix false positive CHECK_ATOMIC test
  • #29985 depends: Fix build of Qt for 32-bit platforms with recent glibc
  • #30097 crypto: disable asan for sha256_sse4 with clang and -O0
  • #30151 depends: Fetch miniupnpc sources from an alternative website
  • #30216 build: Fix building fuzz binary on on SunOS / illumos
  • #30217 depends: Update Boost download link
  • #29934 doc: add LLVM instruction for macOS < 13
  • #29856 ci: Bump s390x to ubuntu:24.04
  • #29691 Change Luke Dashjr seed to
  • #30149 contrib: Renew Windows code signing certificate

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