Timechain Calendar v0.3.5.1: Art Galleries

"Timechain Calendar streams live Bitcoin network data. You can rewind and search the blocks, traveling backward through Bitcoin's history, as well as estimate blocks in the future. Calendar features will alert you to days of historical significance as they occur."

Timechain Calendar v0.3.5.1: Art Galleries
  • "New in v0.3.51…Presenting the Timechain Calendar Gallery," announced TC on Nostr.
  • Timechain Calendar Gallery is 'a curated collection of Bitcoin  art and literature on the blocks of the app’s interface.'
  • "To access the gallery, visit timechaincalendar.com/gallery or simply press the gallery button on the right side of the circles.
  • "From the gallery you can browse the current selection of pieces, each numbered with the block height that each piece was completed on."
  • "Clicking on any piece will take you to the respective block where you will see a thumbnail placeholder of the piece embedded in the UI."
  • "Click the thumbnail to enlarge the piece and find out more details about it. Click “LEARN MORE” button to find out even more about the artist/author."
"The motivation for this feature was simply to bring awareness of some great Bitcoin artists and authors to the users of the app. These individuals use their talents to amplify the ideas that make Bitcoin what it is."
  • "All of the participating individuals agreed to be included in this gallery. More pieces from these folks plus new artists and authors will be added over time."
  • "The pieces are NOT on chain and this gallery has NOTHING to do with Ordinals or inscriptions."

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