TBD Launched Tech Preview of Web5 Verifiable Credentials Toolkit

With this release, developers will be able to spin up and manage Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs), issue verifiable credentials, and define templates to make it easy and efficient to issue and verify these credentials.

TBD Launched Tech Preview of Web5 Verifiable Credentials Toolkit
  • "TBD, a developer-focused business from Block, founded to make a decentralized future accessible to everyone, announced a tech preview of its Verifiable Credentials (VCs) Toolkit for Web5."
  • "The TBD team released three SSI projects as part of the Web5 stack to efficiently manage DIDs as well as create, manage, issue, and revoke VCs."
  • "SSI SDK: encapsulates a set of standards related to self-sovereign identity to provide flexible functionality for building decentralized identity applications. The SDK facilitates the application, issuance, and exchange of Verifiable Credentials."
  • "SSI Service:  is a RESTful-API web service that wraps the SSI SDK to facilitate user-focused interactions on Web5 related to signing, verifying, and exchanging data between participants using Decentralized Identifiers and Verifiable Credentials, based on the latest standards across the W3C, DIF, and IETF."
  • "SSI Console: which manages the VC lifecycle from issuance to revocation through a user-friendly GUI."
  • "Benri is hosting TBD's SSI service and SSI console in a playground in order to enable anyone to learn more about SSI technology."
  • "Developers can get started with TBD’s SSI Service and SSI SDK by visiting developer.tbd.website or joining our Discord community."

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