Parmanode v3.3.7: Electrum Desktop Wallet

Parmanode is 'an easy AF Bitcoin Node' with automated installation for desktop computers, available on Mac (x86_64, M1/M2), Linux (x86_64, and Raspberry Pi 32 or 64 bit).

Parmanode v3.3.7: Electrum Desktop Wallet

What's new

  • "Parmanode now includes Electrum Desktop Wallet. It downloads, pgp verifies, installs, AAAAND connects to your own Fulcrum (Electrum) server with no manual configuration required by the user."
  • "It also takes care of Electrum's default tendency to connect to 10 other servers even when you connect to your own server."
  • The node now includes the following software:

    - Bitcoin
    - Electrum Server (Fulcrum)
    - LND
    - BTCPay Server
    - Docker
    - Tor
    - Mempool Space
    - Sparrow Wallet
    - Ride The Lightning
    - Electrum Desktop Wallet
    - Educational material by Parman

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