Taproot Assets v0.2: Taro Rebranded

"Taproot Assets v0.2 provides the core set of features for developers looking to issue, send, receive, and discover assets on the bitcoin blockchain, currently on testnet with mainnet support coming soon."

Taproot Assets v0.2: Taro Rebranded
  • "Now that the release is available for download, we will propose the finalized Taproot Assets spec to the community as a formal series of BIPs, merge Taproot channels, publish a BLIP describing added interaction for Lightning functionality, and finally launch the first testnet Taproot Assets payment channels on Lightning."
  • "Get started with the new Taproot Assets daemon: read the Install section, download the daemon release, review the API documentation, and read the getting started guide."
  • "The Taproot Assets daemon is also available in the most recent Polar release for rapid prototyping, and in litd v0.10."
  • "Note that this release is built for testnet usage for developers to build infrastructure in preparation for mainnet support, which will be coming soon."
  • "For a more extensive explanation on how Taproot Assets works, take a deep dive into the BIPs and our documentation."

What's new

  • Sending and receiving with novel Virtual Partially Signed Bitcoin Transactions (vPSBTs).
  • Discovering and publishing assets with the initial Universe APIs.
  • Maximum chain-space efficiency with multi-asset mints, sends, and receives.
  • Stability and scalability improvements.
  • Lightning Labs had to change Taro name to Taproot Assets following a restraining order from blockchain startup Tari Labs.

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