Taproot Assets v0.3.0-alpha: First Mainnet Release

Starting with the release of version v0.3.0 the Taproot Assets daemon does support the Bitcoin mainnet.

Taproot Assets v0.3.0-alpha: First Mainnet Release
  • "Today we're excited to release the mainnet alpha of the Taproot Assets daemon, providing a feature-complete developer experience for issuing, managing, and exploring stablecoins or other assets on the bitcoin blockchain."
  • "This release also begins forward compatibility, which means the protocol will not have any more breaking changes that would affect assets issued on mainnet."
  • "This mainnet release of the protocol supports on-chain functionality, with Lightning support coming soon."
  • "IMPORTANT NOTE: To avoid loss of funds, it's imperative that you read the Operational Safety Guidelines before using tapd on mainnet!"

What’s new

  • Automatically generated test vectors for all TLV encodings and MS-SMT tree and virtual machine logic
  • Chain re-organization protection and automatic proof re-generation
  • Add ability to burn assets
  • Asset-level coin locking/leasing
  • Fully implemented Multiverse tree structure to support syncing both issuance and transfer proofs
  • New type of proof courier: Universe RPC courier, transfers proofs from sender to recipient via any public or private universe server
  • Proof courier type and server address can now be specified
  • Prometheus metrics export support
  • Added load test utility for generating asset mints and transfers on regtest
  • Improved universe sync speed by batching database calls
  • Easy distinguishability between proof files and individual proofs with magic byte prefixes
  • Future proof all data structures by adding version fields
  • Tapscript support for group keys to enable richer reissuance workflows
  • Enable mainnet as a supported Bitcoin network for tapd
  • Many many bugs fixed and a lot of code cleaned up

RPC changes

  • Support for exporting and importing proofs for individual transfers to/from Universes
  • The DecodeProof RPC now supports both proof files and individual proofs
  • Support for custom asset metadata types
  • Metadata is limited to 1 MiB
  • Statistics on the total number of issuances and asset groups for Universe servers
  • Better information in the Universe individual asset statistics RPC responses
  • Added more information on the minting RPC calls, can now see assets in batch and correct batch state
  • Runtime configuration of universe sync settings
  • Asset related RPCs now have the asset’s version as a new field
  • Proof related Universe RPC calls now expect a proof type alongside the ID to distinguish between issuance and transfer proofs

Migration from previous versions

  • There is no migration path, you HAVE to start with a fresh data directory by completely deleting the ~/.tapd directory.
  • The public Lightning Labs Universe server was reset as well, all assets minted before v0.3.0-alpha cannot be used anymore
  • This is the last breaking version, all assets minted with v0.3.0-alpha and later will be working in all future versions
  • The ImportProof RPC call is now only available in development mode, since transferring proofs over private Universe servers is now possible and should be used
  • Issuance proofs now have two new fields, one for the genesis reveal and one for the group key reveal

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