Strike Announced Buy Bitcoin Globally, Partnership with Bitrefill

"This is more than just an update; it’s a milestone in our quest to democratize financial freedom globally."

Strike Announced Buy Bitcoin Globally, Partnership with Bitrefill
  • "Yo! I’m back and thrilled to announce Strike’s first-ever release of on and off-ramps outside of the United States," announced Strike's Jack Mallers in a blog post.
"I may have one more banger of a global announcement before the year is over. Let’s see how the next month goes," he added.
  • "Please continue giving us feedback, asking questions, and holding us accountable to our mission. Not only is this not the end, it’s hardly the beginning."

What's new

  • "We’ve begun rolling out the ability for Strike users globally to buy bitcoin with their debit card! We’re now officially live in the 36 countries below and are actively rolling out to the 65+ countries where the Strike app is available."
  • "Send Globally (fiat-over-lightning) rails are now available for Strike users globally, allowing customers in supported countries to cash out their fiat, USDT, or bitcoin to their local currencies (even if they don’t have a debit card). Send Globally cash-outs are now supported in 12 countries, including the Philippines, Mexico, Vietnam, Ghana, and Kenya, with more to come."
    • In a separate announcement earlier this week, Strike announced that's its Send Globally rails are now available in Argentina, meaning that Strike users can send cheap cross-border payments directly to Argentine bank accounts.
  • "We have partnered with Bitrefill! Strike users can now use their fiat, USDT, or bitcoin balance to purchase everyday necessities over the Lightning Network."
  • "We have added support for Lightning Address, 0-value invoices, on-chain payment tiers, and global P2P payments in fiat, USDT, or bitcoin between Strike users."

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