Sparrow Wallet v1.8.1: Oxt Fee Rates Estimator, Slider Improvements & More

Sparrow is a free and open source desktop Bitcoin wallet focused on security and privacy. It supports most hardware wallets and is built on common standards such as PSBT, with an emphasis on transparency and usability.

Sparrow Wallet v1.8.1: Oxt Fee Rates Estimator, Slider Improvements & More
  • "This release adds as another fee rates estimator, along with a change to the fee range slider that allows it to handle the possibility of higher fee rates in future."
  • "Historical fiat values for transactions are now available in the transactions CSV export from the Transactions tab or Export Wallet menu. Note that historical fiat values are taken from daily rates and should only be considered as approximate."
  • "There are a variety of smaller improvements and bug fixes as well. See the release notes for details."

Release notes

  • Add as fee rates source (configure in Preferences)
  • Add historical fiat values to the transactions CSV (from Export Wallet or the Transactions tab) where an exchange source is configured
  • Increase and decrease maximum limit on fee rate slider where fee rate equals or exceeds current range
  • Add QR display (with save to PDF) to the Export Wallet > Output Descriptor option
  • Set non-mainnet fallback fee rates to 1 sat/vb
  • Switch from HttpUrlConnection to Jetty HTTP client for all external HTTP calls to avoid spurious DNS query
  • In Cormorant, check the wallet gap limit and increase the Bitcoin Core descriptor range if necessary
  • Set a smaller increment amount on the fee range slider for keyboard adjustments
  • Use fallback fee rate estimates if the connected server returns an error estimating fee rates
  • Show an error dialog on attempting CPFP where no outputs are spendable
  • Add Krux to the Import Wallet options
  • Bug fix: Set dialog minimum height to preferred height (or make it resizable) to avoid window sizing bug in some Linux environments
  • Bug fix: Fix transaction diagram output size indicators in transactions with non-address outputs
  • Bug fix: Add null safe tests for standard account types
  • Bug fix: In Cormorant, handle checking imports and stopping before server is started
  • Bug fix: Save previously used Mix To wallet index to skip used addresses if mix fails

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