Start9 Labs Introduces Server Lite and 2023 Server One

Start9 Labs develops StartOS, a graphical OS for running self-hosted software, and also offers dedicated plug 'n' play hardware devices.

Start9 Labs Introduces Server Lite and 2023 Server One
  • "Introducing the Server Lite, a Raspberry Pi-based device that runs entirely off the microSD card, eliminating common power delivery issues and lowering cost."
  • "At just $199, the Lite is a low-cost, reliable server that can easily be upgraded later."
Server Lite (June 2023)
  • "Start9 has partnered with the Crypto Cloaks to offer exactly 100 of these limited-edition cases for the Server Lite."
Server Lite case by Crypto Cloaks.
  • "Introducing the 2023 Server One. This device blows the Raspberry Pi out of the water. It has an 11th gen Intel processor, 16GB RAM, and an NVMe SSD up to 4TB."
  • "It costs about the same as the old, Pi-based Server One, starting at only $499."
Server One (June 2023)
  • "Our flagship product, the Server Pro, now has a reduced price of $1,546. The Pro offers unmatched privacy and security guarantees with an open software stack all the way down to firmware, including the neutralization of Intel's Management Engine."
Server Pro