Start9 Launches Community Tech Program Paying $21/Hr for Customer Support

"Our Start9 Community Tech Program is a unique opportunity to contribute to the future of digital autonomy while embracing the benefits of zero-obligation, freelance work."

Start9 Launches Community Tech Program Paying $21/Hr for Customer Support
  • "Start9 is thrilled to announce the launch of our Community Tech Program."
  • "This initiative is designed to scale our exceptional education and support services to the next wave of sovereign individuals. The program is a zero-obligation, freelance, on-demand approach to work, offering a fresh take on the traditional employment model."
  • "To become a Community Tech, you need to be accepted into the program and attend a two-day training webinar. Applicants must be proficient with computers, have patience and empathy, and possess excellent written communication skills. Linux, sysadmin, or devops experience are a bonus."
  • "Upon completing the two-day training program, Community Techs will receive a free Start9 Server Lite, a badge in our community channels, and the right, but never the obligation, to pick up available shifts and get paid in Bitcoin at a rate of $21/hr USD."
  • "An average shift is 4-6 hours, during which time you will monitor our community channels, answer questions, provide guidance, and investigate or escalate issues as needed."

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