Stacker.News Introduced Territories: User Generated Subs

"You can now create your own subs aka territories. Note: this is just an MVP. It's probably 5% of what we have planned for territories," announced @k00b.

Stacker.News Introduced Territories: User Generated Subs
  • "While we will definitely be iterating on territories, you might have noticed we are prioritizing legal. It's all WIP but our focus for the next few weeks (after editing out all the wonky copy-paste legalese in those docs) will be on wallet stuff."
  • "We haven't exactly figured out our plans yet but you can expect more non-custodial support at the very least. I promise not to surprise you with anything weird and to discuss any potentially large changes should we end up making them," k00b added.

How it works

  • Users can create their own territories from the dropdown in the top bar. Founders of a new territories can choose to pay either 100k sats per month, 1 million sats per year or 3 million sats at once. They can also define other parameters of the territory, such as cost per post.
  • Currently, 50% of all revenue made by the territory is paid to the founder at the end of the day Texas time (CST). The other 50% goes to rewards.
  • "This split will eventually be configurable, e.g. the founder gets 100% of revenue or rewards get 100% of revenue. The territories revenue is the revenue SN would ordinarily collect: 100% posting costs, 10% of zaps, 100% of boost," was explained in the announcement.

Planned features for territories include:

  • Seamless crossposting and retroactive crossposting between territories;
  • Subscribing/unsubscribing to territories;
  • Ability to create territories within other territories, e.g. ~bitcoin/privacy and ~bitcoin/mining
    • The territory founder can sell sub-territories to other stackers at a price of their choosing.
  • More post types;
  • More economic parameters. Discussion
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