RoninUI v2.4.0: Added Whirlpool UI

Ronin UI is a user interface for privacy-focused, free and open-source RoninDojo Bitcoin node.

RoninUI v2.4.0: Added Whirlpool UI
  • "The wait is over!! Users can now take full control of their Whirlpool CLI from a mobile phone, via local network or over Tor. This includes the option to pair Whirlpool CLI with a bitcoin wallet directly from your mobile phone," announced RoninDojo on X.
"Upon visiting the page, users can easily see the status of their mixes, their balances and have a control Whirlpool - stop or start mixing, display the next unused address of your Deposit account in order to receive coins from another wallet and display individual account states."
  • "Our Whirlpool UI gives users basic abilities to filter and sort their UTXOs, copy transaction IDs and addresses and in case of Premix and Postmix to stop/start mixing certain UTXOs. Users can also display their wallet ZPUBs - those can be also added to Sentinel for watching."

What's new

  • Display better information about Electrum server pairing
  • Enable addrindexrs installation
  • Better UX for Dojo pairing
  • Updated dependencies
  • Added Whirlpool UI (and pairing)
  • Adjust menu item paddings
  • Allow only letters and numbers in password
  • Removed faillock call

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