Implements NWC & LNbits for Sending, LND for Autowithdraw is like but pays you in sats. Implements NWC & LNbits for Sending, LND for Autowithdraw

What's new

  • Sending with NWC and LNBits. "You can attach wallets for sending now via @ekzyis. To start we support attaching Nostr Wallet Connect and LNBits. @ekzyis did a lot of work to make the UX as close to familiar as possible and I think it's stellar."
    • "Note: The credentials are stored in the browser, so please set a budget on them. @ekzyis took a lot of care making the browser as safe as we can for storing these, but you'll want to be extra careful anyway."
  • Autowithdraw to LND. "In addition to autowithdrawing to a lightning address, you can now autowithdraw to LND. We support connecting to your node over Tor so you should be able to push out funds to your home node even if it doesn't have a public IP. If you attach LND in addition to a lightning address, you can set a default and if it fails we attempt your other method."
    • "There are a lot of wallets and ways to connect them, but we plan to support any method that makes sense as time goes on. We'll likely be adding CLN and Zebedee next."
  • NSFW territory labels. "Territories can now be labelled NSFW and are visible on an opt-in basis unless visited directly via @mz."
  • Improvements to domain searching. "When you search with a filter you should see less strict results via @btcbagehot."
  • Bug fix: wonky checkboxes on territory form via @mz.
  • Bug fix: pinned posts now really do show up in home via @ekzyis.

What's next

  • we have a nearly done nostr crossposting PR via @bitcoinplebdev that allows you to crosspost all post types and will likely be merged soon.
  • a variety of territory enhancements:
    • @mz is working on a top for territories.
    • @byoungdale has a draft going for crossposting.
    • I'll work on changing the territory billing period here shortly then sub-territories (unless someone beats me to either).
  • more thorough bolt11 deletion via @dillon will be merged soon.

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