Nsec.app: Web-based Nostr Signer

Nsec.app is a web-based nostr signer app. Keys are encrypted with user-defined password, a good key derivation function is used to resist brute force.

Nsec.app: Web-based Nostr Signer
  • "Introducing nsec.app and nostr-login," announced @brugeman.
"I've shown the prototype of https://nsec.app in December, and it's essentially an nsecbunker in your browser. It is non-custodial - your keys are stored locally in the browser, and apps can get access to your keys using NIP46. We've now turned that prototype into a real thing, and I invite you to try it."

DISCLAIMER: BETA software - don't use it with your real keys.

  • "Now how do we help Nostr apps adopt NIP46 for remote key access? That's where nostr-login library comes in. If your app uses NIP07 to talk to a browser extension, then with just two lines of code you can make it talk over NIP46."
  • "Both of these tools support the new OAuth-like flow proposed by Pablo. Below you can watch a demo of how nostr-login (added to my fork of Snort) works with Nsec.app (or would work with any other nsecbunker)," added the developer.
"What this all means is that people could join Nostr on the web, without installing extensions or mobile apps, with their keys stored non-custodially in the Nsec.app, and then could log in to other Nostr apps without copying their private keys."

Video demonstration:

  • "This app works in Chrome on desktop and Android out of the box,
    try it with snort.social (use bunker:/... string as 'login string'). On iOS web push notifications are still experimental, eventually
    it will work on iOS out of the box too," was stated in the project's repository.

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