Stacker.News Adds Anon Accounts, Just-in-time Funding

Users no longer need a dedicated account in order to zap/post and comment on

Stacker.News Adds Anon Accounts, Just-in-time Funding
  • "This is all still a bit rough around the edges but we'll be working to refine it over the next week or so."
  • also announced a 250k sat bounty for custom data selector.

What's new

  • "You no longer need an account to participate on SN. Lurkers (yes, you) can chime in and zap at random via bolt11 invoices. Posts/comments without an account will appear as the @anon nym and you can conveniently browse all @anon content via their profile."
  • "We might change the name of the @anon account (we are playing with alternative names) but the functionality will remain the same."
  • "One nice side effect of implementing the above is that if you're logged in you no longer need to fund your account before performing costly actions. For example, you can make a large zap or add significant boost without carrying any custodial balance."
  • "Another nice side effect is this lays the ground work for other forms of non-custodial spending that are bolt11 based like NWC, WebLN, LNC, and commando."
  • "Subs in the dropdown in dark mode being hidden on certain browsers has been fixed (@ekzyis)."
  • "If you have set that you prefer dark mode on iOS (in your iOS settings) you will now get dark splash screens (@WeAreAllSatoshi)."

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