Clams v1.8.2: UI Improvements

Clams is a secure, private and fast open source browser UI for managing Core Lightning nodes.

Clams v1.8.2: UI Improvements

What's new

  • This is "a small release to improve the offer creation flow by adding a description and examples for each type (pay, withdraw) so it is clear what each one does."
  • "Also included in this release is a fix for when pays / invoices do not have a valid timestamp which was causing infinite error notifications!"
  • v1.8.2: "The QR's now get saved/copied with more padding to ensure better scanning ability and the offers payments list has been fixed so that it is not cutoff."


  • 1.8.2-0.0.2 - Enhancement: Add offer type descriptions #188
  • 85c4b72 Handle invalid timestamps
  • 1.8.1-0.0.1 - Fix: QR Export #184
  • 1.8.1-0.0.2 - Fix: Offers Payments List #185

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