Stack Duo v1.0.10 Released

Stack Duo is an open source, privacy-friendly Bitcoin and Monero wallet.

Stack Duo v1.0.10 Released
  • "New Stack Duo release! All changes ported over from Stack Wallet. Same as SW, the big stuff is moving to latest Flutter (and Dart 3), Monero no longer crashing on iOS, and more."
  • "NOTE: iOS is marked as 1.0.9. This is an error. It's 1.0.10 on the inside. Sorry for the confusion."

What's new

  • Upgrade to Dart 3.
  • Added custom fee sends.
  • Enable unit display in sats and other denominations.
  • Added separators for amounts.
  • Fix Monero causing crashes on iOS.
  • Price fetching fixes.
  • Lots of under-the-hood cleanup.

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