OpenSats Announced Long-Term Support Program For Bitcoin Developers & First Wave of Nostr Grants

OpenSats marked the launch of its new long-term support program for Bitcoin developers and related 'internet people' by issuing first grant to Bitcoin Core maintainer Marco Falke, and also announced the first round of Nostr grants.

OpenSats Announced Long-Term Support Program For Bitcoin Developers & First Wave of Nostr Grants

OpenSats announced long-term support program (LTS) for Bitcoin Core developers and similar Load-Bearing Internet People (LBIP).

  • "The LTS program is specifically designed to provide long-term support for developers who are working on critical open-source infrastructure in and around bitcoin."
"An LBIP is a person who maintains the software for a critical Internet service or library, and has to do it without organizational support or a budget backing him up." —Eric S. Raymond
  • "The program is geared towards long-term stability for grantees, with a minimum grant duration of 12 months and possible grant durations of two years or longer."
"To be eligible for the LTS program, applicants must: 1) have a track record of quality contributions; 2) be mission-driven and self-motivated; 3) be able to work in public; 4) be bitcoin-only."
"The first recipient of an OpenSats LTS Grant is Marco Falke, a long-term maintainer and contributor of Bitcoin Core with thousands of contributions over many years."
  • "Marco will continue to focus on testing and quality assurance, as well as maintenance and review, helping to make sure that the Bitcoin Core software is as solid as it can be. You can read more about his contributions here."
  • "We encourage all qualified developers to apply for the LTS program. Together, we can build a stronger and more resilient bitcoin network."

In a separate blog post, the non-profit also announced the first grants for Nostr developers.

  • "After weeks of sorting through applications, we are excited to announce the first round of grants from The Nostr Fund. OpenSats is proud to support over a dozen projects, from clients to relay implementations to adjacent tools and design efforts."

In no particular order, here they are:

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