Spiral Renews Grant for Summer of Bitcoin Initiative

Summer of Bitcoin is a global, online summer internship program focused on introducing university students to bitcoin open-source development and design.

Spiral Renews Grant for Summer of Bitcoin Initiative
  • "Grant renewal. A major educational initiative, we’ve been supporting @summerofbitcoin since a voice from the nameless ruins behind our office made us choose between backing SoB or enduring a lifetime of all food having the texture of oysters," announced Spiral.
  • "Interns who go through the program contribute to bitcoin projects of their choosing, with some even becoming mentees themselves. New projects are arriving all the time. Know an up-and-coming bitcoiner looking for a start? Looking for one yourself? https://summerofbitcoin.org."
"Thank you @spiralbtc for your continued support. That same voice had left us two choices. It was either enable university students to contribute to open-source bitcoin or endure a lifetime of cosmic banana peel calamities," said Summer of Bitcoin in response.

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