v0.1: Modern Ecash Experience in Your Browser is a Chaumian Ecash wallet for Bitcoin built as a progressive web app (PWA). It is free and open-source software released under the MIT license. v0.1: Modern Ecash Experience in Your Browser
  • "Today, we're excited to announce its first release and would like to thank all developers and users who have helped to build and improve this wallet," announced @callebtc.
"To get started, open in your browser and add it to your home screen to install the app. We recommend to use your device's native browser for the best experience."

NOTE: Ecash is a bearer asset which means that if you delete your browser data or lose access to your device without a proper backup (see below), you will lose your funds. Use this wallet only for small spending amounts.

Key features

  • Modern UI. "The user interface features a modern and minimalistic look that gives you access to the main features of the wallet with just a few taps."
  • Support for Bitcoin and USD. " uses the new v1 Cashu protocol which has support for multiple currencies – all backed by Bitcoin. You can send and receive Bitcoin or Fiat via Lightning invoices or directly as Ecash."
  • Seed phrase backups. Ecash is a bearer asset and there is no server that holds your Ecash or makes transactions for you – the tokens are stored on your device. has support for seed phrase backups that allow you to restore your entire balance if you lose it.
  • Animated QR codes. " now supports animated QR codes which not only feels like science fiction, it also allows you to send any amount you like via QR codes without ever hitting the internet."
  • Send Ecash offline. "A new coin selection algorithm built into ensures you always have the right amount of Ecash in your wallet to be able to make up to 4 payments of any amount from your wallet without having to go online."
  • Receive Ecash offline. "Simply press the "Later" button in your receive screen and store the Ecash in your History to redeem it later when you come back online."
  • Lock Ecash with P2PK. "For cases where you don't want to trust your counterparty to double-spend the Ecash on you while you still remain offline, they can now lock Ecash to your public key by using the Pay-to-Pubkey (P2PK) feature. This locks their Ecash to the receiver's public key so that only you can ever spend it."
  • Discover mints via Nostr. "The mint tab on the home screen now allows you to discover new mints via Nostr, a decentralized communication protocol."
  • Swap Ecash between mints. "If you ever want to transfer funds you hold from one mint to another, you can use the multi-mint swap feature in the Mint tab."
  • Remote control with NWC. "You can now use your wallet from other applications using a feature called Nostr Wallet Connect (NWC)."

To learn more about Cashu, visit, read our documentation, and follow @CashuBTC on X.

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