ShockWallet and Lightning.Pub Released for Public Testing

Shocknet announced an early release of a new ShockWallet, a cross-platform, non-custodial wallet with a nostr account system that lets you share your node with friends and family by using nostr relays.

ShockWallet and Lightning.Pub Released for Public Testing
  • "We're pleased to announce public test releases of ShockWallet and Lightning Pub," announced Justin of Shocknet, a project behind platform.
  • "As a continuation of the work we started during Legends of Lightning and NostrHack Hackathons, we've resumed work on ShockWallet and Lightning Pub, and we'd like you to test and provide feedback!"
  • "Lightning Pub is a daemon for your Lightning Node, providing a full RPC and account system over nostr."
"Pub's nostr RPC gives your node LNURL and REST like capabilities, but fully end-to-end encrypted and bi-directional interfacing that “just works” in the browser, since nostr relays have solved the networking and SSL problems for you!"
  • "Now, with Lightning Pub, you can easily give websites, apps, friends, family, other guests, and wallets, granular access to your node without need for the complicated networking and setup of a traditional webserver."
"We believe the future is the Uncle Jim in all of us on-boarding our personal circle, in a decentralized and sustainable way, without compromising on UX."
  • "As the creators of Lightning.Video, we recently started using Lightning.Pub in production there, but a tool this powerful demanded an everyday wallet that could take advantage of all it has to offer. So, we've rebooted ShockWallet!"
  • ShockWallet is built with React and Ionic allowing builds for PWAAndroid APK, or iOS. The iOS version is currently unbuilt and untested, help or donations requested.

ShockWallet features

  • UI Polish
  • Bootstrap or Self-Custodial Mode
  • Node Multi-Sourcing (LNURL and LPUB)
  • Pay To LNURL, LPUB, Chain 
  • Encrypted File Backup/Restore
  • Client-side transaction history
  • Customizable Mempool endpoint
  • Customizable Fiat estimator 
  • PWA and Android Builds 
    • (uses Ionic Framework, any volunteers for iOS build?)

What's coming

  • Nostr native “Offers” / static QR spec
  • Automation (Service subscriptions or auto moving sats to non-custodial node)
  • Contacts
  • Notifications
  • “Jimvitations" to self-custodially onboard family
  • Admin Dashboard for Lightning.Pub Nodes
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