eNuts v0.2.0-beta: Auto Mint Swapping

eNuts is a mobile Cashu wallet for Android and iOS.

eNuts v0.2.0-beta: Auto Mint Swapping

This release of eNuts wallet implements optional auto mint swapping upon receiving tokens from untrusted or non-default mint, among other improvements.

What's Changed

  • Filter out invalid relay urls before publishing event
  • Fix pasting an invoice in the text input (not using the paste button in the input field)
  • Simplify send Ecash flow by removing 1 step (combining the amount and memo screen)
  • Add auto-mint-swap when receiving token from untrusted mint
  • Update Backup screen and add explaination
  • Add send to npub by scanning QR
  • Add new dashboard transition to QR screen
  • Add a new release screen and release section in Options (checks and indicates for new release version)
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Minor bug fixes

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