SeedSigner Independent Custody Guide

"When engineering a self-custody system, there are numerous variables to consider -- I've tried to minimize the branches of the decision tree in this guide to make the process less overwhelming for people who might be prone to obsessing over the details."

SeedSigner Independent Custody Guide
  • "I am assembling this guide as a living document to (hopefully) help people get to that self-custody finish line, using the custody framework that has evolved over time to make the most sense to me."
  • "Depending on your situation, it may be appropriate to work through this guide with some kind of "Uncle Jim" or self-custody "coach", who can provide further context and answer questions along the way. However with a few select supplemental materials, this document may also serve as a guide for those intent on pursuing a more self-guided custody journey."

This Guide's Assumptions About Users:

  • You have a basic understanding of the mechanics of sending & receiving bitcoin
  • You are seeking to secure what is, or you expect to become, a significant amount of value
  • You are willing to spend a reasonable amount of time & energy to create a self-custody system
  • You are willing to spend at a bare minimum ~$100 on the necessary hardware & supplies
  • You have access to at least two remote, secure locations for key storage
  • You are comfortable with SeedSigner's overall security model (more on this below)

It also makes sense to list what you'll need early on so you can have an idea of what you're getting into:

Necessary Items:

  • A webcam-equipped computer running Sparrow bitcoin Wallet (
  • An assembled SeedSigner bitcoin signing device (
  • A printer with paper
  • Some sort of metal backup solution (optional, but strongly recommended)

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