Samourai Atomic Swaps Are Now In Public Beta

Samourai Swaps is a GUI for COMIT XMR-BTC atomic swaps with modifications to further enhance anonymity, with the Automated Swap Backend (ASB) built-in, as well as Samourai Wallet Whirlpool for automatic mixing of redeemed BTC.

Samourai Atomic Swaps Are Now In Public Beta
  • "Welcome to the Samourai Atomic Swaps Public Beta," announced @pokkst.
"This desktop application makes it very easy to trustlessly swap BTC<->XMR, completely over Tor. In public beta, expect some bugs, and a "dev UI". The actual UI is still in development," he added.
  • The application builds upon the COMIT atomic swaps protocol. Read about it here.
"There is already some mainnet liquidity from @UnstoppableSwap ASBs and users, and I have used the Samourai application myself for several months to swap BTC I receive to XMR."
Source: @DontTraceMeBruh
  • Learn more about using the GUI here.
  • Learn more about selling XMR by running the Automated Swap Backend here.
  • Learn more about configuring the settings here.
  • Learn more about swaps architecture here.
  • Check out the FAQs to learn more.
  • Telegram:

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