OpenSats Announces Long-Term Support to René Pickhardt

"We are very excited to award a Long-term Support Grant to René Pickhardt, helping him continue his fundamental research on improving Bitcoin’s overall usefulness as a payment system through the Lightning Network."

OpenSats Announces Long-Term Support to René Pickhardt
  • "He has consistently shared commercially significant knowledge for a long time without seeking prior funding. All major LN implementations have integrated some of his research results and algorithms, now widely recognized as the most optimal for bitcoin payments."
"Over the years, he has achieved an almost endless list of invaluable contributions, including creating Pickhardt Payments, actively answering most questions about the LN on Stack Exchange, co-authoring the openly licensed book "Mastering the Lightning Network," proposing Just in Time Routing, mentoring at Chaincode Labs Lightning Residency, and Summer of Bitcoin, as well as responsibly disclosing a blackmail attack related to channel jamming."
  • "This LTS grant is now instrumental in René's ongoing efforts to enhance reliable payment planning, efficient payment routing, and explore innovative liquidity management strategies on the Lightning Network."
  • "He is currently focused on researching non-minimum cost flow-based methods to optimize the expected delivery of sats and is inviting feedback on this question about how to compute the expected number of sats to arrive in a probabilistic payment flow."
  • "What’s more, he’s planning to host free online webinars. These sessions aim to bridge the gap between theoretical research and practical application by making the complex technical details of his papers easily understandable."

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