RoninDojo v2.0.1 Released

RoninDojo is an Installation Assistant and Administration Tool for Samourai Wallet's Dojo, Whirlpool, Indexer, and more.

RoninDojo v2.0.1 Released

RoninDojo team released a new version of RoninDojo, which goes along with recent Ronin UI 2.2.0 improvements.

  • "You should now see update banners at at the top of your screen next time you login to the dashboard."

What's new

  • Bug fix: removed an obsolete permissions check that unnecessarily caused a redundant dojo stop during a RoninDojo update
  • Feature: Added exposing Fulcrum indexer to the LAN by default
  • Feature: Added connection info to Fulcrum credentials menu for the local connection

Credits: dammkewl, PavelTheCoder, BTCxZelko, s2l1, kyc3, WittyBull, BrotherRabbit

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