RGB v0.10: Stable Release

"RGB is confidential and scalable client-validated smart contracts for Bitcoin and Lightning. It embraces the concepts of private and mutual ownership, abstraction and separation of concerns and represents "post-blockchain," Turing-complete form of trustless distributed computing."

RGB v0.10: Stable Release
  • "It's been 5 month since the first alpha of RGB v0.10 - and today we are thrilled to make the stable release of the RGB command-line tool and runtime library for desktop and mobile integration."
  • "The library was extensively tested by several independent teams and powers three different wallets (MyCitadel on Desktop, Iris on Android, BitMask in Web); it also has stable results on end-to-end tests, including performing multiple complex transfers of multiple assets."
  • "Finally, wallet developers may use BDK integration developed by Bitfinex team."
  • "We are grateful for everybody involved in stabilizing RGB, including teams from @pandoraprime_ch, @bitfinex and @trydiba, as well as independent contributors."
  • "You can read more about RGB v0.10 functionality in our previous announcement."

What's Changed since alpha:

Full Changelog: v0.10.0-alpha.1...v0.10.0

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