RGB Core v0.10.5 and RGBEXplorer Released

RGBEXplorer lets users "search he world of RGB smart contracts on Bitcoin and Lightning Network."

RGB Core v0.10.5 and RGBEXplorer Released
  • "Glad to present all the new shiny http://rgbex.io: an explorer for the world of Bitcoin Finance (BiFi) and smart contracts on Bitcoin & Lightning - now supporting all the new #RGB features from the latest v0.10 release."
"Sometimes it is hard to understand internals of RGB schemata and which one to use for your smart contracts and assets. Here things like rgbex.io become handy," said the LNP/BP Standards Association on Telegram.
  • "Made with zero javascript & cookies policy."

Meanwhile, RGB Core also had a fresh minor release.

What's Changed in RGB Core v0.10.5

Full Changelog: v0.10.4...v0.10.5

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