RaspiBlitz v1.9.0: Updates & New Apps

RaspiBlitz is a do-it-yourself Lightning Node (LND and/or Core Lightning) running together with a Bitcoin full node on a RaspberryPi.

RaspiBlitz v1.9.0: Updates & New Apps
  • This version of RaspiBlitz includes updates and some new apps: Bitcoin 24.0.1/24.1, latest LND 0.16.2, Core Lightning 23.02.2, important LNbits 0.10.6 update, JAM (JoinMarket WebUI), LNDg, CLN Watchtower client, I2P and much more.

What's new

  • New: Automated disk image build for amd64 (VM, laptop, desktop, server) and arm64-rpi (Raspberry Pi) details.
  • New: Fatpack & Minimal sd card builds details.
  • New: I2P support for Bitcoin Core (i2pacceptincoming=1) details.
  • New: CLN Watchtower (The Eye of Satoshi) details.
  • New: LNDg v1.6.0 details.
  • New: Support of X708 UPS HAT details.
  • New: BOS Telegram Bot Support (see OPTIONS on LND Balance of Satoshis menu entry).
  • New: LightningTipBot v0.5 details.
  • New: ↬lnproxy cli shortcut and server details.
  • New: Homebanking Interface FinTS/HBCI (experimental) details.
  • New on WebUI: Jam (JoinMarket Web UI) v0.1.5 details.
  • New on WebUI: Generate/Download Debug Report from Settings.
  • Update: Bitcoin Core v24.0.1 details.
  • Update: LND v0.16.2-beta details.
  • Update: Core Lightning v23.02.2 details.
  • Update: C-lightningREST v0.10.2 details.
  • Update: Electrum Server in Rust (electrs) v0.9.11 details.
  • Update: Lightning Terminal v0.9.2-alpha details.
  • Update: RTL v0.13.6 with update option details.
  • Update: Thunderhub v0.13.16 with balance sharing disabled details.
  • Update: LNbits 0.10.6 details.
  • Update: BTCPayServer 1.9.3 (postgres by default with sqlite migration) details.
  • Update: ItchySats 0.7.0 details.
  • Update: Channel Tools (chantools) v0.10.5 details.
  • Update: JoinMarket v0.9.9 details.
  • Update: JoininBox v0.7.7 details.
  • Update: Balance of Satoshis 13.15.0 (bos) details.
  • Update: lndmanage 0.15.0 details.
  • Update: Circuitbreaker with webUI details.
  • Update: Suez - Channel Visualization for LND & CL details.
  • Update: Tallycoin Connect v1.8.0 details.
  • Update: Fulcrum install script (CLI only) v1.9.1 details.
  • Fixed: SCB/Emergency-Backup to USB drive (now also with CLN emergency.recover file).
  • Info: Run RaspiBlitz on Proxmox details.
  • Info: IP2Tor fix fulmo shop & added new ip2tor.com shop.
  • Info: 32GB sdcard is now enforced (after being recommended since v1.5).
  • Info: 'Reindex Blockchain' is not part of 'repair' menu.

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